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What our clients are saying

"Vince is a magician with hair and make-up who makes ordinary women beautiful and makes beautiful women unforgettable."

- Lisbeth Levine, Fashion Editor

   "I have been visiting d-Tangle since it's inception and will NEVER leave! First of all, the salon itself is a refuge! Everything from the decor to the music to the magazines all make you feel beautiful. Everyone there, staff or clients, always seem happy. It's a place where you get all of the good parts of an "exclusive" super fancy salon, but none of the bad...there's never a snooty vibe in sight. And...then there's Vince, the Creative Director at d-Tangle and the Creative Genius that has been making me look amazing for close to 20 years now. I've been in his chair under every possible circumstance and the outcome never changes, I leave feeling sexy, confident, beautiful and happy. I've asked him many times to do the impossible and let's just say he doesn't know the meaning of the word! It is so clear that everyone at d-Tangle takes pride in all they do and you'll be so proud of the way you look if you visit! I've recommended it to friends and strangers alike more time than I can count...and give d-Tangle ALL of the stars!

 - Darah Peterson, Former Fashion Director, Nordstrom Denver

“When I moved to Denver, I found a woman with the most fabulous hair and asked her who her guy was. I’m so lucky it was Vince! A true professional, Vince can not only do the most gorgeous color in the world, his cuts are equally as good. He actually LISTENS to what I want and makes it happen. I. Love. Vince!” 

-Mandy Connell, KHOW Radio

I LOVE d-Tangle salon and Vince has been doing my hair, beautifully, for many, many years. I have actually told Vince that he’s not allowed to retire! I can’t imagine going anywhere else. Ever! If you want to feel amazing, pampered and confident, then d-Tangle is the salon for you. Vince Varia is an absolute MASTER when it comes to hair (and makeup!). You can trust that his wonderful combination of creative genius and intuition will make you gorgeous, every single time you visit.

I’m an on-camera presenter and host and also modeled for many years and Vince “gets it.” He’s been making me beautiful for decades, through every incarnation of my career and through all my different “looks.” He really listens to what you want and has the expertise to work with every conceivable type of hair, style, cut and color.

I can’t recommend d-Tangle highly enough! The salon is gorgeous, Becky and all the stylists are wonderful and it is quite simply THE place to go if you want to feel fabulous and beautiful!

- Maxine Dunn, on-camera host, voice-over artist model

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